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JJ Lovegrove is a singer-songwriter & musician from the UK. Her newly released EP 'things Only THE daRk knows' is available to buy now via bandcamp & Apple music. 

"Like Ella Fitzgerald from the dark side of the moon"

Martha Richler - Radio Winchcombe

"Absolutely phenomenal"

Del Osei-Owusu - Radio Islington/Songbird HQ

‘Only THE daRk knows’ EP is a work of such imperious beauty you’ll be listening to it on repeat for days. This is an extraordinary release. Perhaps it’s the music The Cocteau Twins mistakenly believed they were creating. They weren’t even close.  It’s eerie, ethereal, and exquisite in equal measure.  There’s magnificence everywhere  " 

Mike Bradley - Music journalist (London Peaky)

"JJ's live performance exceeds expectations by some way. Timeless, dramatic and euphoric on one end, to the crafted, nuanced lyric and attention to detail on the other, Provides a multi-sensory experience which has the audience transfixed from the start. I imagined JJ playing far larger venues, in front of thousands, backed by a full band. With such a unique talent & powerful material, it may not be long until this vision is realised"

Charles Stickley - For Music Observer

"JJ Lovegrove is great at sending shivers down yer spine. Some artists are brilliant at crafting a unique atmosphere & with her hauntingly beautiful voice, JJ does it once more"

Eileen Pegg - LeftLion Magazine


"The world of JJ Lovegrove is a place of haunting imagery & her music transport the listener to a very different place & leaves your spine tingling"

Alan Walker - Music Journalist

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